Having over 40 years of experience building fine furniture and cabinetry, we provide you with quality cabinets. In Northern Indiana, Southern Michigan, and the Chicago area, we have a reputation for fine craftsmanship and pride in our work. Schmidt Furniture provides real, all-wood, custom-made cabinets for about the same price as you would pay for semi-custom-made cabinets.

Whether remodeling a kitchen, bath, or other area of your home, you'll find that the quality of the cabinetry will reflect the quality throughout the rest of your house.

Some builders and contractors try to fool the unsuspecting public by using inexpensive and poorly made cabinets and then applying expensive counter tops, such as granite or quartz.

It is your benefit to learn about the different types of cabinets:

The least expensive cabinets, often called stock cabinets, are mass produced in a factory in three-inch increments. That means that if the walls were not built to fit the cabinets, and they seldom are, fillers will have to be used, resulting in unused space. These types of cabinets are usually made out of chip board or particle board. When wet, these products have the tendency to collapse and fall apart. Also, these stock cabinets usually have melamine (vinyl paper) on the inside instead of wood. The drawers are often glued together and do not extend out all the way, minimizing the available storage space.

The next category of cabinets are called semi-custom cabinets. This type is often used by people who want something better than the stock cabinetry. While many of these cabinets have the same inexpensive and unhandy features as stock cabinets, some of the manufacturers will allow real wood to be specified instead of using chip board. However, choosing real wood will often result in a substantial increase in price. Semi-custom cabinets allow for changes in dimension to get a more accurate fit, making better use of your space. They also offer better drawer and door hardware, again, at a premium price.

Custom cabinets are the highest quality of cabinetry. Every wood species, every finish, and every style and size are available; the options are endless. Every inch of space will be utilized, and full extension guides are available for the drawers. The finish is exceptional and the choice of staining includes glazes, rub-throughs, antiquing and more. Although so many more options are available, this does not necessarily result in a much higher cost.

At Schmidt Furniture, we take pride in our line of custom cabinets. Our customers are often surprised by our competitive prices. We sell to architects, interior designers, and kitchen designers. To contact us, please click on the Contact Us button or link on this page. We will be happy to respond to any questions you might have. We also provide in-house design service for clients in areas not serviced by a dealer.